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Hi Isa Bel tell us something about you. Who are you? And where are you from?

Well, most of the people know me as Isa Bel. In fact my real name is Rumyana. Why Isa Bel? – Because I used the name of my cat to create my account for G+ … it was 1 year ago. I never thought that I will fell in love with macro and people will remember me as Isa Bel :) I'm from Bulgaria.

How did you get into macro photography?

I had a pocket camera which I used for fun – I took photos of my surfing and kiting friends. In the moments when I had some rest I loved to take a pics of butterflies. Last year in july I bought my bridge camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 and Raynox DCR-250 – in this time I created my G+ account and I found the macro community there … I think all started in this moment when I saw all the amazing images there. I wanted to learn how to take photos like others – but I knew nothing. There are people who helped me to start and they gave me good advices. I knew that my equipment was not so good but I was curious what can I do.

Explain us, how a typically macro photography session looks like for you.

I prefer shooting macro in the nature. I love to take pics of the real life of the insects. And I love to show their character or to catch a funny moments with them. So, usually you will find me on the grass or on the ground chasing the bugs :)

What kind of equipment are you taking with you at one of these macro tours?

I don't have much – I have only my camera and I use Leica Elpro3  +  Raynox DCR-250 for macro. Sometimes I use one hand made tripod/monopod – but rare. That’s all :)

What kind of light do u prefer? Ambient light or do u use a flash too?

I use only natural light. All my shots was made in the nature without any flash. I encourage people sometimes to try, to test and to not think too much what equipment they have. We need to do things with pleasure and love.

What’s your favourite species to take pictures from?

I don't have a favourite. I love taking photos of different species.

Do you process your photos with Photoshop or other software?

Yes. I think photography and post processing walk hand by hand. I use Photoshop and some plugins like NIK software.

How long do you need to post process your images?

Different. Depends on the pictures. I work for 12 years as designer for print media and it’s not hard for me to know what to do with the photos.

Did you changed your mind about the nature and there species since do you photograph?

I have always loved the nature but after I started shooting macro I’m surprising how many different forms of life you can find, how much beauty you can see with the camera which usually we can't see with our eyes.

How important is macro photography for you?

I'm an artist and I think about macro photography as a kind of art too. I have worked with textile and I had exhibitions with my textile art works – one day I can make some show with macro photography too. Why not :) … Now I print my photos and I make gifts for my friends :).

Thank you Isa Bel (Rumyana) for the short interview. We wish you many good macro photos in the future.

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